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Good playing cards skill is with poker scanning device

The intersting things is that i donoted thoughts of dollars many years later, when the temple was rebluilt, my grandmother pleading was pleading me to do that.

Grandma is still very stingy. It is no exaggeration to say that my elementary school all the pocket money together, no more than five; all three years of junior high school pocket money (except lunch money), add up to no more than ten. I remember one of my happiest experience in this life, is to read the third grade, one day at noon to go to school barefoot, he walked a step on something soft. I pushed to see a foot, is Threepenny, I was a little afraid to believe. Threepenny number another number, pinch his thigh a few times, it was found to be true. I am not so fun of the poker, if so , i will buy the playing cards cheating devices, then i can have good poker skills to let other players lose. That moment inner ecstasy, really made me never fail. I immediately took the money to buy three Sanmao small cuisine.

Really hot strip. Article childhood spicy expensive, a dime a. I move bricks at the temple only make a trip to a hot strip. Good pit.

Of course the above, in fact, are the clouds. Because there is a grandmother most horrifying skills, is that violent temper. She was angry that day without uncomfortable Sharansky. My sister and grandmother as a child most gambling is gambling that day will not be angry. I always try to do the best thing to do is still beautiful, but you think that hard work can make Grandma happy? too naive. Even if all the housework properly appropriateness posts, she returned home, we must find fault, what can be made out trumped-up charges. If we argue, then she will be intensified, and even hands.


We grew up to know, her character too strong and look down on people, they will not communicate with the outside or playing cards or something, old people marginalized by, she did not come back out to our people to vent the leak.

In addition to the outside, she has let a helpless, is patriarchal. Although not my son, but my aunt there. I was nine my little cousin, my grandfather died in that year was born, he is born in my house. As a result, our sister and cousin of treatment that cloud of mud. There is no comparison, there is no harm. This is, compared to those who suffer and we suffer tired, leaving us helpless.

To sum up, my sister and suffered childhood education. It sounds like a little bitterness. Now think about it, I still nose acid. But our childhood, is not very dark, only the endless chores, farm work, rap, abuse, patriarchal out?