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Do you have any comment on gambling industry

The people says that the gambling industry as the casino hotel licence be given, and the crime around the casino is increase too, as many reports says, the gambling industry may cause the people bankrupt and become unemployment, the people don't have job, and no income, they will have chance to rob and blackmail others. 

And the casino industry let the poker players may also have chance to use some playing cards cheating devices, as they are eager to win in the poker game. As many poker players knows the device is poker lens with marked playing cards. It is very convenient to bring it into the casino and can work alone without let other people to know.
But if use some poker analyzer which can let know the winner directly, sometimes if not careful and be caught by others, the casino winner might be punch the guy and let him has no leg to come into the casino again, that is too violence.
And the online poker game also let many tenner be occupied and don't want to go out to have some fresh air, and this is not good for the country's development.