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PK King 518 Dual Scanning Cameras Poker Analyzer System For Sale

PK King poker analyzer system is one kinds of the magic poker scanning system, they can read the barcode marked decks automatically and report the games result to user effectively.
Comparing with normal poker hand analyzer, PK King 518 poker analyzer device has dual scanning camera lens inside, so it no need to work with an extra poker cards reader as well as has more scanning range than the inferior one, which make it more convenient and practical for device user. PK King 518 poker scanner system is a real cell phone, so user can carry it to everywhere and suing it as regular phone. If this PK Kind 518 poker analyzer system is placed in the poker game table, once the barcode marked decks are placed into its reading distance, it will obtain the barcode information from them and sending the data to calculate centre to analysis, finally, poker analyzer Iphone user can get the precise game result by mini earpiece, if user setting time-mode, the game result will show as a special time point.
It is very convenient to operate and user can used it in many kinds of poker games. What in more, it also can remote controlled by an extra remote controller. Do you want to have a try?