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Perfect invisible ink to make the perfect marked cards poker

Maybe you have seen many manufacturers to sell marked poker cards, but do you know why our company can win or success from such many competitor? 


Every manufacturer want to produce invisible ink marked decks, but there is one indispensable thing that is invisible ink. And more over, the invisible ink that used in luminous marked playing cards is needed to be modulated. That is like to make traditional Chinese medicine, different ingredients combine together will have different efficacy, and the same ingredients of different components will also have different efficacy. 

But we can proudly to say that our invisible ink is modulated by our professionals.

They spent lots of time and energy to study and develop our perfect invisible ink, and we made it. No one can copy our perfect invisible ink to produce the marked playing deck. Maybe some of them can produce it, but the quality of the marks is lower than us. 

The perfect invisible we have is our superiority in producing luminous marked deck.


If you believe us, and want to know more details of the invisible ink, you can contact us, we will show you the pictures and the videos about it.