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Once only focus on one thing

Most people can complete a task well if they only focus on this task. A successful businessman is able to make decisions quickly and decisively. They always identify a clear goal firstly and then concentrate efforts towards this goal.
Only concentrate on one thing when you doing it, devoting all your energy to it and with a success hoping, so you will not feel exhausted.
When you are playing a game, do not think you will lose or win, concentrate on other players and observe them, not only to read their cards but also to read their psychology. Using infrared contact lenses to detect the marked cards also is necessary.
Try to imagine that the things you need to do is small drawer around a big row of drawers. Do not always think of all drawers, just focus on the drawer that you have opened.
Every one have their own work style, but numerous facts show that some people are too self-confident to use their own way to solve problems, but did not work. Therefore, they always feel the goals is farther and farther.