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Omnipotent Infrared Contact Lenses for Blackjack

Do you like playing Black Jack? If you have ever played it, you must realized that there are so changing and exciting as its outcome is very difficult to control and full of unknown. If you are trouble in hesitating that whether you should hit or stay as you not sure what cards you may have, our Useful Blackjack scanning camera can help you.
The magic Blackjack poker cards scanner usually need to works with the edged barcode invisible ink marked decks, which are marked with invisible barcode include the point and suit of the specific card on the side edge of each card. The powerful scanning camera we provide can read the barcode and report the point and suit of the card to you in secret and clear. Once you know which cards will be coming, then you can know whether it is worth to hit.
This Blackjack scanning poker cards reader just looks as same as a normal cell phone and you can using it to do all the activities a regular mobile phone can do. So you no need to worry about others can discover its secret.