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Normal cards reader which is no need chip cards

When Jerry get to know there is some device which can scan the normal playing cards, he is shocked, as he knowledge, there maybe some kind of the chip cards which can be scanned by the poker scanner, but he really cannot image that the normal playing cards can be scanned by the poker camera.
First he just think that that maybe some liar want to cheat him, but the normal cards reader invite him for the demonstration face to face, he put a little money as guarantee, then he came to watch the real product demonstration.
It is a amazing when he saw the whole operation. Cause it is very easy to control, the device can be any iPhone, just need to put the iPhone which every poker players should have one on the poker table. when the dealer deliver the cards, the iPhone can scan the playing cards without any invisible ink mark, and send the result to you by the spy earpiece.
So he bought the normal cards reader immediately, just let the marked cards things go and it proved to help him a lot during the poker game afterwards.