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Ceramic dice bowl with dice trays

The ceramic dice bowl scanning system look like the normal ceramic dice bowl. The only difference about it is that we fixed a poker scanning camera in the bottom of this bowl. When you use this ceramic dice bowl cheating device to play dice game, the poker camera inside can read the dice point and transmit the dice image to the monitor. And then you can get the dice game result finally.
There are lots of people use the casino grade automatic card shuffler poker scanner in order to keep themselves from being cheated by others in casino. So why not use our ceramic dice bowl scanning device to protect yourself from being cheated by others?
There are colored dice for sale. If you want, you can use our ceramic dice bowl spy camera and colored dice to play dice game. This ceramic dice cheating device can help you get more dice game tricks in advance.
Besides, the distance between the dice bowl and dice remote control can be 500cm, that means you can press the button of remote control in a long distance.
There are various kinds of dice cheating device for your choice: wooden dice tower, magnetic dice magic, magnetic dice table, remote control dice, custom dice tray and so on.
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