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Why there is no poker lenses to read the real IR cards

 In recent years, Chinese culture gradually Hing, who went to the horizon if the forum, get a look, really crowded. But then, not only on the inside track, it also swordfight, often see Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism played incredibly hard, and occasionally emerge recipe fencing, how could this happen?

On the Chinese culture for thousands of years, on the more the more chaotic, it can not. To thoroughly understand the Chinese culture, we must grasp a root, this is called the root of Heaven.
Strange to say, this belief of Heaven, not the formation and development of Chinese history, but handed down from prehistoric times. Pangu legend, is the most primitive man and nature, and the best interpretation.
Pangu legend well known, no one realized that the legend of the unusual place. Where is it unusual? We watch again later, the first to go down this idea along Heaven.
Heaven in the end does it mean? Nobody can say thoroughly. Some people say that Heaven is the unity of man and nature, what ye together? The children buried in digging myself, no one considered? Hard to close? Please, comply with the physical laws of nature, your heart will think according to the laws of physics thing? You can calculate the formula is not too serious? Nature and origin of unity? What is the origin of the stuff, atom, wave, grain, field, mysterious, air. That do not mean, you want to know the answer for everything, you may want to ask how to mark cards with an invisible luminous pen? why should the poker players will ask this question, some question they will leave you an answer, but some are not, sometimes you need to spend the whole life to find the reality.
Inexplicable, the Chinese people will want to adhere to this belief, there must be some kind of mystical relationship found between day and person. Heaven as the guiding principle of everything.