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Marked cards

The cards are marked with a type of specially designed ink on the back. If you put on your contact lenses, you suddenly see what kind of cards your opponents around the table has, explains Breilid.

And continues:

Here's the real bank sitting with all cards.

Tricky jus

According Breilid this first seizure of this type of card in Kristiansand. Customs and police know who ordered the cards, but it is difficult to pursue the matter. The cards themselves are not illegal.

Jusen here is the twist. It is not illegal to import short, neither of this type. The person may be the claim that he would only use them to fool with comrades.

300,000 kroner. On a website that sells this type of card is the price of two decks and three sets lenses $ 2,900. That is more than 15,000 Norwegian kroner. With this award would 40 decks have cost around 300,000 kroner.

newWe have strong indications that these cards were to be used in illicit playing clubs in town. It is absolutely clear that there are some illegal play clubs in Kristiansand which are run by foreigners, says Breilid.

After that Fædrelandsvennen have reason to believe there are also several clubs in the district where Norwegians make up the bulk of the players.