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Marked cards technical update

If the Bicycle company really created the best quality the ultimate marked deck?
As well known, the ultimate deck is scam stuff, the Bicycle company to protect the iconic Rider back deck, they do not sell the cards for a while. So now it is hard to find this type of marked cards in the market. And the most important things is that compare the normal playing cards with the ultimated deck, you can find the different by naked eyes. it is not unrecognizable cards back. It's similar to the regular poker back, but not totally the same as the normal deck.
Scam is never stop, to pursuit the perfect performance, GS technician team developed the one to one luminous marked playing cards for sale. According to the market's feedback, many customers want to know how to read marked cards with one to one invisible ink code mark.
Only the special made one to one scanning camera can scan the special invisible ink mark code, different from the gambling cheating devices system, the one to one luminous ink cards cannot be detected by other poker cheating device.