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If the music box infrared poker camera is complicated to make?

What is the good cover for the infrared poker cheating camera? If break the answer for you, you would think it is great idea for the infrared poker device. The answer is black music box. 
From the apperience it is just a music box, our camera technician install the IR lens and transmitter inside, and adjust it into proportion position, just incase the IR lens can zoom in and zoom out, and what is more fun is that the camera can rotate at 180 degree. That means you can supervise not only one poker table at your private poker room, but also read the small invisible ink mark on the backside of the poker playing cards.
A Monitor in another room with your partner, who tells you the poker winner result via the intercom and eavesdropping devices. That is also means before the real poker game, you and your team should come to practise together, and make sure the invisible ink marked cards and infrared camera be used in familar way, then bring all the stuff to the real poker game.
It seems complicated on for this poker cheat infrared camera, but just need you to tell the room dimention and show us the picture, the buy marked cards can work a whole set solution for you.