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Single operation wallet lens seeing the edge bar code marked cards

For single person operation lens, there are a lot of choice, if you want to use the single person operating camera, you need to understand where you can used it and then decide the lens to fit you. Multi-functional wallet lens is a good single person operating device.

1. Wallets lens is a new single-person operation lens seeing edge bar code marked cards, seeing poker edge distance has been greatly improved.
2. Wallets lens is designed for single person operation poker analyzer, and the distance can be customized according to customer requirements, the maximum distance is up to 85cm, from now on, you get rid of the limited scanning distance problems.
3. This single operation multifunction wallet lens works well in reporting cards, it report the cards very fast, only need 1 second, the wallet can be moved around, within 10 cm to 35 cm range, it is flexible.
4. This multi-functional wallet lens is an advanced version of the lens scanning the edge bar code marked cards, it is more secret and practical.
5. This scanning edge bar code marked cards wallet lens can be the perfect lens with single operation poker analyzer. Whatever it works with the latest one-person operation poker analyzer, or AKK series analyzer, the practice effect is good.
6. If you want, you also can send your usual wallet to us for processing.