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Modiano Club Marked Playing Cards

Modiano club playing cards features 100 percent plastic and excellent durability, outstanding resilience as well as lasting sharpness, it also is waterproof and can be washed by water and without any destroy.
Its good performance make it can mark as the professional Modiano club marked deck cards. In the series of Modiano club poker cards, each deck comes in classic red or blue, also has green and brown, although the partner on the backside of Modiano club deck cards is complicated, we can mark invisible markings on them easily and perfectly. Generally, there are two kinds of marked cards sale in our company, the invisible ink contact lenses back marked deck cards and the invisible barcode scanning camera marked cards.
Invisible ink contact lenses marked cards was made with our sophisticated marked cards printer machine or top quality invisible ink pen by our skillful technicians, which usually works with luminous marked cards contact lenses or ultra luminous infrared sunglasses. For invisible barcode marked deck, it is made by our delicate marked cards printer machine to mark the barcode which include the points and suits of each cards on each poker edged side, one them placed into the scanning distance of the poker cards reader, the signal will be obtained by the reader and the poker analyzer will calculate them to get the game result.
All of them are processed very professional and no one can find any different from their appearance.