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How to have a clever child

The researchers found that waist-hip ratio is an important factor to measure the attractive women, men affected by the Indo-European culture that women with o.7 of waist-hip ratio generally considered more attractive. Although Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Lorens height and weight are different, their waist-hip ratio is closely to perfect 0.7. But different races, cultures have different preferences. Africa and South America over the proportion of women is 0.8 or 0.9, while in China, it is a relatively low 0.6.


In addition to the attractive, childrens cognitive ability have a certain relationship with their mothers waist-hip ratio. The researchers used data from the US National Center for Health Statistics, found that childrens performance on cognitive tests and waist-hip ratio of about mother, mother of the highest scores have wide hips and a low waist-hip ratio, and thus presumably fetal benefit from hip fat, these fats contain more long-chain unsaturated fatty acids, fetal brain development plays a key role. In addition, there is evidence that a low waist-hip ratio of children less likely to minors common development of cognitive dysfunction.


So, if you want to have a clever child, you need to find a woman with o.7 of waist-hip ratio, and if you want to marry with a woman with o.7 of waist-hip ratio, you should something attractive to her, to show that you have the ability to give a well living standard to them. Maybe the there are some poker devices can help you. For example, ultimate DAL NEGRO marked deck can let you see other players playing cards with infrared lens filter.