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Marked playing cards with glasses

 Have you ever heard that if a player ask the dealer for a "new setup." The real mean is that he is asking for the current cards in play to be replaced with new ones.
Nearly all poker rooms have two decks of playing cards in rotation for the poker table. A "setup" is a pair of decks with contrasting back colors like blue and red, so that they do not get intermingled with one color.
The most important reason for change the cards is most the poker player want to change for a better luck.
But accutally no matter what kind of back color for playing cards, the special technician can imprint the invisible ink mark with the luminous ink, which let you see only under the marked cards glasses reader.
With different back color marked playing cards, you don't need to refuse the replace playing cards request any more.
But which supplier can provide the best fancy luminous glasses reader to see through the marked deck?
Just put the key of luminous marked cards on google, that you can see many suppliers from China.