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Marked Piatnik Classic Paper Poker Cards

Piatnik Classic paper cards, which is manufactured from Austria. Due to its special medium size and washable material, it has made a hit in Europe. As for its good quality, it is very suitable to be marked as marked Piatnik Classic paper poker cards.
As a leading marked cards kit supplier, GS can process different types of poker cards to meet different clients requirement. The marked Piatnik Classic paper poker cards we supply are all in top quality. They are made by our technicians with our specialized luminous invisible ink and stringent marked cards printer machine. There are secret invisible ink markings are marked on the backside of marked Piatnik poker cards, they are concealed and are invisible under natural light, only working it with our marked playing cards contact lenses as well as luminous perspective glasses used to detect invisible ink, can you see its secret, and know what cards your opponents have.
This marked Piatnik poker cards can be used in various kinds of poker card games, like Texas Holdem, Omaha, Baccarat, Flush and so on.