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Not cut the deck to get good hand

 Her biggest advantage is in front of outsiders to insiders boast prettier than flowers; although the corresponding disadvantage is that, at home, we are resigned to cook better than cow dung.

This I benefit most. I remember kindergarten, five exam or fourth class, to the elementary school, I have not had a first down. I especially like grandma mainly neighbors boast that I listen to hard-working, well losers (although this recognition is only when outsiders only), just a neighbor has a primary school teacher, so much attention to me two eye. I, a child Well, definitely want to be concerned about, so studying it especially hard.

As a result, my grades enough. Of course, it is very popular in the school teachers and students welcome, and that's, um, different now. Now, the color value is justice. At that time, study is justice. I therefore have many opportunities over. Class leader, participate in various competitions, training courses, the teacher got me when her daughter play at the same table ...... even in peacetime, all partners are small, I turn around. Let me first table tennis table, no matter who's that racket and ball; my first jump rope skipping, no matter who is the rope; washed off ah ah siege (siege of the game Well, rural children Jiaoshu, two cities is on the ground, and then to take each other to win), we feel a certain win on my side, I have been chasin..


Lots to talk about benefits. While in rural areas, what the race course ah ah ah games are relatively junior, but I trained fearless confidence, if they work hard and do what the outcome will certainly be blindly optimistic. When someone ask how to mark playing cards, other people will notice and ask him why do you need to mark the poker, if you want to do something not good?

There is a good learning benefits. My grandmother is tube pipe was loose. As long as I say, to go to learn, I was able to avoid some of the housework and farm work. Learning Okay, awards and more, much more teacher praise neighbor, she is also very proud. But she never positive praise me, also lacks incentives. But I do not need incentives, less work is the greatest reward.