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Why do most people strive for wealth

The first question: Why do most people strive for wealth, they are all a sieve?

I met a lot of young people who work very hard, hard work to earn money, save money in the future to start, failed entrepreneurs to go back to work, tossing back and forth many times a few.

There are some young people, books, reading good, strong ability to work hard can not say, but the workplace is always being jealous even marginalized, still can not force.

After repeated setbacks, many people began to say that the fate of tease yourself, or use the words of the young women that the society exercise clothes, because we are blind pursuit of wealth, in the absence of figuring out what is wealth, blind Cookin wild guesses, successful people say their road to wealth is hit out, after repeatedly rebuffed the opportunity to pursue a collision, ten years ago, the popular phrase "pot of gold are bloody," what it means.

Well, the dream of the pursuit of wealth to numerous children's shoes are really more like trenches, machine gunners, to face their own life most people are like this machine gunner, picked up the gun barrel of fire, when he was lucky he swept to, a few unlucky Saowan shuttle wealth do not know where.

Completion of primary school course, it can be more clear understanding yourself, since you will be promoted to "sniper", efforts aimed at the target again, with less natural.
If the apperence will tell if the one will sell the book or camera, or he has marked cards for sale in the future? maybe the outlook of one people react one's spirits, it is hard to say a desiny for one's whole life.