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Marked Cards Dealing Shoe in Casino Grade

When you playing poker cards games in casino, dealing shoe is a common device, as it can help dealer to manipulate many deck of playing cards that decrease the shuffling cards time to speed the cards games. If there is a scanning camera lens installed into the dealing shoe, user certainly can know the whole game result in advance.
The scanning dealing shoes provided by our company which have inserted a micro scanning poker cards reader inside, it is so mini and hidden that no one will notice. When the barcode invisible marked cards placed into this kind of magic marked cards dealing shoes, the scanning cards reader will read and transmit the barcode signal marked on marked playing cards automatically, after analyzing by poker analyzer, user can receive the information that which hand if the first winner and second winner, all the ranks of all cards, even the point and suits of each card, what is more, the special prism shoe with a micro motor can help user to deal the second card after user. The appearance of this casino class magic marked cards dealing shoe just as same as the original one so it is very safe to use it in many occasion.
There are many kinds of scanning system have sale on our company, they can be refined as various articles, like button scanning camera lens, lighter marked poker cards scanning poker cards reader, cuff scanning reader, wallet poker cheating card reader and so on.