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Money is a important role in our life

When you looking back, how many people still being by your side? The destined person is not to say, but who accompany with you. Do not listen to the highest power of the oath, opened your eyes as long as it was unchanged; do not believe in forever, as long as there is graspable hand warm. Who has accompanied you spending year after year; who has not change his mind forever as shown signs, that is the good friend.

Love at first sight is only a legend; soon fell in love, is the true ownership. Not natural for two people, and only later run-hearts; I have not the same passion for all my life, but have the deeply friendship with you. Compromise is not a defeat, but is the caring; forgiving not means without angry, but can not let it go.

Besides friendship, love and affection, there still is one more important thing, the money. Money can provide you with life security, even can make you have a better life.

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