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Marked Cards Contact Lenses for Blackjack

If you are a marked decks fan, you must have heart luminous contact lenses, maybe you have ever used it. It is a very practical poker games assistant and can help users to read back invisible ink marked playing cards in many poker cards games. The quality ultra infrared contact lenses we provide have received much praise.
It is very easy to use this magic ultimate marked poker cards contact lenses, you just wear it as normal contact lenses that wear it inside your eyes, and you can read the markings which marked with our specialized invisible ink recipe on the back of the regular manufactured poker cards. It is so natural and comfort to use and will not hurt you eyes at all. In the Blackjack games, it can help you to see the markings on the cards of every player clearly and others around you cannot find its secret. We develop many types of contact lenses which suitable for different people who have different eyes color. If you do not use it, it is better to save it into the pure water.
Beside luminous marking deck contact lenses, we also can provide special scanning camera or other devices for you to read the marked deck cards in Blackjack.