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Make their own grasp of assets to achieve significant added value

The market is always so attractive, even more than ten years, the stock market did not decrease the love (although relatively few market opportunities when it will allocate part of the funds to invest in the futures market), continue to sum up, continue to refine Road to Jane's the ultimate goal is something I pursue, as wealth, that is along its unsolicited stuff, if wealth away from you and not follow you must go to reflect on whether they practice at home, rather than to blame the market, the market will not I'm sorry for you, only you say the reverse market.

Broadly called chance we can bring profits, which were large and have little chance of opportunity says. Of course, there is little chance every day. Great opportunity but difficult to find, even use the six months to wait a few years, the stock market every few years there will be a wave of decent bull market, of course, make their own grasp of assets to achieve significant added value.
Very people entangled in the small final opportunity to continue to consume the principal before the big opportunities arise, or in a large market opportunity comes he hated With exit this market! This should be the most pathetic thing investors!
How to seize the opportunity? When you get a good hand, but you don't know others get a better hand than yours, so you have to prepare the infrared camera which can read the juice ink on the back, then you can know better who will win, and you can choose at the right time to quit the game, or find a right point to defeat your rival.
The stock market has always been a transfer of farm fields and redistribute wealth! That is what I said the bigger picture, when the market is full of a lot of temptation "small chance", let himself out of this market properly maintain wet storage, with the market yourself aloof. Day, indulge in the market in waves, impossible to form the bigger picture! Remember: small waves is ultimately make you completely lose yourself an important factor