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The problem is that we poker players, like all human beings, are much easier to blame someone - anyone - else for what went wrong, than to engage in deep introspection honest as we could have been responsible.

Let me give you three examples of the most common types of failure attribution in poker:

1.your partner calls you to complain about the bad beat that knocked him out of a tournament - but does not say a word about the long series of decisions that caused him to be short-stacked, and therefore vulnerable to being eliminated with the turning of a Single defective paper.
2.A player at the table gets angry when a drunk guy calls his bluff with a hand incredible as bottom pair. "How could you call this?" He sputters in anger. It notes, however, that he assigns no blame to himself for underestimating the likelihood that this particular opponent would call.
3.You car home from the casino, still shocked from losing your whole stack on a coin flip type situation. Your self-pity - "I have never won flips!" - Prevents to ask you if you could wait for a place to get all the money with substantially better than a 50/50 chance of winning.
The doctor has little chance to save the appendix on-to-break it mistakenly concludes that only an attack of indigestion for which you need a dose of Pepto-Bismol. Similarly, you'll never solve the leaks in your game if you misdiagnose the disorder as dumb luck, or bad decision making of other people. After all, you can not change other people play poorly, and you can not change the way the cards fall. The only thing you can change is the way you play.

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