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Magic Wallet Scanning Camera For Barcode Marked Deck Cards

Poker scanner is very common and magic device for poker players to forecast the poker game information before the result coming out. And wallet scanning camera is one of the practical playing cards scanners.
Our company has many kinds of poker scanning camera, all of them are equipped with HD camera lenses that are very mini, so for wallet poker scanner, it can be installed a powerful scanning camera lens without any flaw. Wallet marked cards reader often works with poker hand analyzer and barcode marked cards. When you are playing poker games, the camera will scan the barcode marked cards automatically and read the marks with a hundred percent of accuracy. As long as the camera scans the marked cards, it also will send the signal to poker analyzer, and the poker analyzer device will decode the information and transmit the data as the voice for you, then you could have a good place for how to make a bet.
Besides wallet playing cards scanning camera, we have other scanner like lighter poker cards reader, CCTV mini pin hole scanning camera lenses, chip tray poker spy cards reader and so on, we also can customize what you want accordance with your special requirement. If you are interested in them, please do not hesitate to contact us.