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Magic Playing Cards Scanning Cameras

Roughly speaking, there are two kinds of marked playing cards scanner is available in our company, one is poker scanning camera for edged barcode marked cards, another is infrared poker camera for infrared back marked poker cards.

For edged barcode marked decks scanner, there are cell phone poker scanner, chip tray playing cards scanner, car key marked cards scanner, watch poker camera scanning camera, wallet poker card reader, lighter poker predictor scanner, ashtray poker spy cards reader and so on. They can scanning the invisible ink barcode marked deck cards for poker hand analyzer for analyzing the playing card games result.

For long scanning distance infrared marked playing cards scanner, They are various kinds scanning range infrared poker scanning cameras are available. The 20-80cm infrared poker card reader, 1-5 meters infrared playing cards scanner camera and so on. If you want to buy the longer scanning distance poker scanner, we can customize them for you.

All the poker camera lens can be installed into various items, they are so secret that no one can find any secret.