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Magic Mrked KEM Playing Cards

In turkey, American and many southwest European countries, KEM poker cards are very popular. There are comes into regular index and jumbo index.
The material of KEM cards is so special to other cards that they are difficult to make for other manufacturers. The Special and good quality of KEM cards make them as a suitable pokers cards to process as professional marked playing KEM cards. We can refine them with best invisible ink recipe to mark the KEM poker cards well. When you playing the marked KEM juice cards with others, the players around you can not find any different from the cards, while you can read the magic marked cards clearly and saftly only you wear the luminous marked cards contact lenses or ultimate infrared sunglasses.
There are also many other brands ultimate marked deck we can provide, such as Copag marked juice poker cards, Modiano marked poker, Fournier mark playing cards, Bicycle marked deck cards ao so on, if you are interested in them, please do not hesitate to contact us by WhatsAPP or email.