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Luminous Ink Fournier 2818 Marked Playing Cards For Invisible Ink Pen Contact Lenses

Experienced in marking playing cards, the marked cards we provided are picked 100% manufactured ones and all in top quality. Fournier of Spain is the leading brand of European casinos, it also is available for home players.
Made with best and most durable plastic, Spanish Fournier playing cards can leave a excellent hand feeling impression to all poker players, they are very easy to keep and use in various situation. We make these outstanding Fournier 2818 poker cards with best playing cards marking ink with delicate marked cards printer machine by our skillful technicians, as different cards have different need of card marking ink, so the invisible ink recipe are specialized by our sophisticated staff. The luminous ink marked cards can be work with invisible ink pen contact lenses or perspective sunglasses that can see playing cards in various playing cards games.
As for the perfect procession, the Fournier 2818 marked deck of cards just look as the original one and one can find its secret with luminous glasses used to detect invisible ink or contact lenses that see through playing cards.