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Luminous ink and infrared contact lens kits

 Even though it was not yet fully light, friar Lawrence was already out in the fields, collecting wild herbs that he used for medicine.
He was thinking to himself: now before the sun rises and drives away the dew,it is the right time for me to cllect herbs and flowers for my medicine.
the earth, which gives lift to us and is our final rest in death,also gives us many herbs and medcines that can be sued for good or evil.
each herb has its own powers, and one who understantds them can do much to help his fellow mean.
even the worst of my herbs here has some benefical use, and even the best can be abused and turned to harm.
For example, i have here a plant that, when smelt,can wake an unconscious person.
but,boiled in water, it makes a tea that will kill a man by stopping the heart.
as it is with plants so it is with man. all mean have good in them. How to put infarred contact lens to read the luminous ink.
but all mena also may be tempted to do evil, and so lose theeir souls.
when the Friar returned to cell, romeo was watiting for him and greeted him, good morning, father.
Blessing upon you the Friar replied.
But what are you doing up so earliy. is there something wrong?
we old people have many worries and cares and so we sleep badly.