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Luminous Infrared Marked Cards Sunglasses

From the appearance, the ultimate infrared marked poker cards sunglasses has no different from other regular one, however, it has some kind of magic power like perspective function.
More and more poker cards players interested in the marked playing cards and want to experience a magic poker game, at this time, luminous contact lenses invisible ink marked cards is favored by many players, but some of playing cards players can not suitable for infrared contact lenses, for this one, ultra luminous infrared sunglasses is a good choice for them.
As this magic ultimate IR sunglasses is processed with best quality regular sunglasses with infrared invisible ink recipe, so it is very easy and convenient to help user to read the invisible ink magic marked cards which marked with invisible ink pen or sophisticated print machine with our specialized invisible ink recipe, finally, wearers can see the marks which stand for the points and suits of the corresponding poker cards on the backside clearly and directly.
This quality luminous IR sunglasses can be used to read all kinds of marked playing cards, such as Copag marked cards, Modiano marked deck of cards, Fournier marked cards poker, marked Bicycle playing cards, BEE contact lenses marked cards, Aviator luminous marked cards, Aviator juiced poker cards, KEM magic marked cards, DAL NEGRO marked poker cards and other brands luminous contact lenses marked playing cards. Besides, we also have UV marked cards sunglasses for sale, which cannot discovered by any infrared light devices.