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Long Scanning Scope Water Dispenser Poker Cards Reader

Water dispenser is practical and functional daily equipment, you can see in everywhere, such as at home, in company, even in the poker clubs or casinos. Therefore, we can process it as a long distance edged marked deck cards scanning camera to help users to read the invisible barcode marking decks effectively.
No matter the dispenser supporting the water bottle under the machine or on the top of it, we can insert a mini scanning camera lens inside it with high privacy that which hardly be detected by other testing devices. It is very easy to manipulate. If you want to use it to help you to read the marking cards, you just need to turn it on before the poker games, during the games, it will scanning the barcode marking playing cards automatically and send the barcode signal to poker analyzer system to decode, as last, you can receive the poker cards result quickly.
The scanning range of water dispenser poker card spy reader is very large and you also can tell the ideal distance to us, we can customize it for you in perfect. It can work with different brands marked poker cards in various kinds of playing cards games.