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The remote control lighter poker scanning camera is a good poker device

Remote control lighter poker scanning camera is very convenient for the turn on and off, when during the texas holdem or omaha poker game, you can use the remote controller to turn off the poker scanner when you don't need it. This way you can save the battery supply for the camera, thus it makes the poker scanner can work for you for long time. And it let the scanner has some time for rest during the poker game, the lighter surface won't become hot and let other poker players suspect. It also make the enwide the poker scanner camera's span life.
As there are many advantages on the remote control lighter poker scanner, some poker players will ask if this one has some limit on the texas holodem poker analyzer? if there is some certain poker analyzer app can match the frequcy with this poker scanning camera. The answer is yes, and this remote control poker scanning can be made to suit for different texas holdem point system.