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Let me make the final concessions

Before long, I have encountered a suitable marriage, two people got married, her husband's family background is also good, the two of us together to buy a house, and now my husband and I discuss, so I sold the house in Haikou, the extra money for the children to prepare the school district to purchase housing.


I put this idea and said that parents and siblings brother, siblings suggested that she should buy this house depreciation.

Says this house has lived for some years, is second-hand, second-hand cars also said the depreciation it, old houses have depreciated. When I had to buy two two thousand six hundred Hou, she give me two thousand one hundred square meters.
However, she knew the local housing prices have been on eight thousand, she deliberately fool me.
Brother listen to the words of his wife, and begged me to sell that house to two thousand him!
The request, made me very angry, saying that it is not enough money on hand to buy a new house, while I Mindful of the family, while angry, white those years they lived in my house, did not charge me a penny rent, depreciation and now have to buy a house, I've never heard this talk.
I refused the request of his brother, siblings scolded me ungrateful, and said to his brother and divorce.
So many years I have enough to pay her parents, brothers and sisters so have nothing to fear, it is simply to bully me. I do not beg parents selling, or brother and her sister to divorce, let me make the final concessions.
I was in a dilemma.
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