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Let me hide in the dark corner

Scattered, and finally scattered
I do not know how he is back home
Casually perfunctory mother two
He went straight into his room
I did not turn on the lights
Just want a man quietly
Who do not bother me
Let me hide in the dark corner, leaning against the wall, curled body
Only in this way, my emotions to calm down a little ground

I keep a smile
Tears understand style has chosen to come up ...... not suppress
It seems to taunt my sorrow
I muzzled, not to cry out loud

I hate to give myself a few ears
But parents are afraid to let outside to hear

I do not understand, I really do not understand
What's wrong with me? Them how?
In high school, obviously they have always been in my envy
I obviously have been so hard, so progress
Just a few years time, they all turned out stronger than me
Not his own company, is to start his own school
Not looking for a rich husband is a migrant
One nines, one Rongguang Hua hair

Why not live the life as the omaha poker game?

cause life is win and lose

You can choose to use poker lens or poker scanner

the good co-worker is invisible ink

Just let all go, cause desitney of life is alive and die.