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Latest Music Centre Scanning Camera Lens

No matter in personal house or other public occasions or game places, music centre is regular entertainment devices. So it is a chance to make it as you scanning camera assistant.
The music centre scanning camera lens is processed professionally, no one will notice it and discover its secret. It usually works with marked barcode cards. Once the invisible barcode marked cards are placed into its scanning scope, it will read the cards and tell the result to you in fast, clear and secret. As we know, different people have different hobby and will place the music centre in various places, but it is no need to worry about the scanning range of this hidden scanning camera lens. We can customize the scanning distance of the music centre poker cards reader just you send the requirement to us. It can use in almost all kinds of poker cards games with all brands of marked playing cards perfectly and give you special playing poker experience.
We also can provide other types of marked cards spy readers, buttons scanning camera lens, newest marked cards scanning camera, lighter scanning reader, water bottle scanning system and so on, if you are interested in them, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or WhatsAPP or Skype.