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A lamp can also be done as a poker lamp infrared camera

What the lamp can do? a light show you the way in the darkness, a container which can cultivate a small plant, maybe a Latin magic lantern can make your wish come true.
No matter what answer you give, all are seem to meanningfull.
If you are a texas holdem poker players or if you are a magician, what will you need a lamp to do? Some poker players would hope the lamp light is strong enough, in case other player change the poker playing cards in the game. But if the magicians like the lamp? maybe it turn off the lamp can make the magic show spot more mysterious.
If someone tell you the normal lamp can be made as a specail magic god eyes which can see though some objects like the playing cards, will you believe it?
Maybe for you, the "God eyes" is unbelievable. That only magic can do that. But acctually with seasoned camera technical, nothing is impossible, cause the what meaning to the experianced technician is just put the infrared camera inside the lamp, and try to think the perfect way of letting the naked eyes cannot see anything about the lens camera. So the from the apperaiance, it is just a normal object lamp, but it was changed inside with a specail poker camera. For the see through cards is just use some types of invisible ink to mark some marks invisble for naked eyes, only some specail poker camera can read the marks, so when you take the playing cards which actually marked luminous infrared cards to check carefully with your eyes, but you cannot see anything. Only the big boss behind the room use some sepcail poker device to read the cards, they get the answer of the poker winner or make a splendid poker show to the audience.