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Keep calm when you use some poker game tricks

The backlash is often produced by subtle, but the impact on a person is huge ,this impact reflect from a lot of little things.
We should try to eliminate the negative emotions, because it will not only cause physical and psychological harm on us. On our way to success, negative emotions will become a stumbling block.
For poker players, you also need to eliminate negative emotions, or you will lose your temper on the poker table and lose your mood. When you use some ways to cheat at poker, you also need to keep calm, do not explode yourself. If you use far IR camera system, you also need to keep calm, do not to be too excited.
If your opponents read your hands, they will abandon the bet, and you will make less profit. This will affect your mood on the poker game if you play all the day but just gain a little profit. So hide yourself well, even if you are familiar with many poker game tricks, poker analyzer or poker marked cards with special lenses.
For your success, you have to be more rational, and adapt to others, adapt to the situation, otherwise, you are destined to be eliminated.