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They just use the specail sunglasses and juiced cards on magic show?

Over the last year or two I have received some compliants from some sunglasses and marked luminous cards customers, about how dangerous the speical sunglasses and juiced cards be used in the poker club or casino.
I have to say is that i don't mean to suggest you to cheat in the poker club, that is illegal, the products is just a magic tool for the magic show.
Cuase the Sunglasses can read the invisible ink mark on the playing cards, that is for the magician to perform that they have magic to see though the poker cards. But not for illegal cheating in the casino, cause if you bring it to the casino, and other people come to wear or check your specail sunglasses, but you can not reject this request, it is very easy to find out you want to cheat others with this poker cheating device. But acctually this products is approved to use for the magic show only.
So if you want to win the poker game, you need to pratise for your own poker tricks, and also need to know how the poker cheating device loos like, in case be cheated by some poker players with those products.