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A dealer to recognize the juice dust card marking

As a new driver who just got the driver lisence. I am not a open mind person, that is mean the car is my second life, i treat it as my mistress.

Cause it is hard to get the Driver lisence, it is as the first time to get into the poker casino and want to be a poker dealer, and i get that lisence in hard way too. As a dealer you have to recongize if there is any juice dust card marking on the poker table, if so, you have to stop them to cheat in the game. i have practise for serval months to let eyes sensitive to those playing cards cheating devices. 

So as to driver lisence, to get a certificate at the end, in April this year, mentioning the car. Back to mention cars that day put the cell hit a parked car. Finally take the insurance, the two sides together to assess the damage total of almost three thousand. This is the first time. After their own scratch Cengceng not mention.

It opened a new car, like a few years the whole thing. But we are not too concerned about, anyway, it is transport. The second is cut rubs district where the car is not serious, costing him three hundred cash. Many cell car, this may really want to pay special attention to. Then the third or district where the car, and finally lost five hundred trouble. Fourth really do not want to say, drunk on the way home hit a guardrail, a total of more than five thousand, more than a thousand at their own expense.

On the way home from work the day before yesterday I sent a colleague, and rear-end results, the damage is almost three thousand. Less than four months, I know these, maybe some have not told me. I really do not know how he got a driver's license. Not going to summarize the experience? Older drivers come in to talk about the car Notice chant!