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Learn to use the juice to mark cards

So there is a virtuous circle. I study has been good, she does, has been very proud, I was less constrained. While the rest day summer vacation, to do the same thing does not fall, but I'm learning Japanese it is very easy. I do not know too strict grandmother at other times, I would be crazy to learn Japanese.
My grandmother grew up praise at home to large good girl at school Well, I often boys fight, after the noon recess, the afternoon after school, out of a very, very wild. Neath the halo of good learning, little boys and girls have the kind of reverence for me, as long as I requested, and consequently they take me, I became a child king. School, I do not listen to what the teacher is the kind of so-called somewhat spoiled it, the teacher does not think, but also helped those who dare to speak the so-called bad boy.
At that time the teacher is really good. I just feel good for me in terms of this type of learning. Although rural Gala Li teacher, they really bent for children. Class course harsh, though Putonghua than a scary; after class really care about us. I said above, training courses, music is art class teacher training class teacher to organize themselves, not money. Teacher home visits regularly, and know all the students. Because often flood reason, the teacher back to school children is common. Poor home tuition was not malnourished children, teachers basically have to take care to use the service.
So, when students, teachers kind of awe, really very simple very good. Even if I sometimes deviant mixed with so-called bad boy to play to help them talk, the kind of tough at any time ready to draw students holding a bamboo board teacher palms together, or even hear it, then sighed and walked away only.My brother bought invisible ink and glasses to read the ink, he thinks he can show his teacher that he has talent in chemistry, but he didn't know that is only small tricks before his teacher.