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How to use the juice card marking system

Month of contacting micro whole this thing, I have not actually started at the hospital did, because I do not understand this stuff, I thought that only cosmetic, plastic knife again, I personally do not like surgery.

At that time I saw the circle of friends have a friend in this hair thing, see a lot of hyaluronic acid-long nose play what I feel I have been brainwashed a lot!

Then I also learned about the micro-whole, I remember my first time to play amidst the needle, because the first time I could not move his face facial features, I heard amidst the water, and I will half half-awake drunk to play amidst the times, because my skin is sensitive, do not know you like me, there is no easy to play Zhifang Li! ! Very upset ah, what the weather is hot and sometimes itchy skin is then easily flushed, the Internet that my face is a hormone or dry skin?


There are now a lot of botulinum fakes, in my circle of friends I have seen a lot of, I will give you to be a science of it, what is my own picture, if not, then you can point out. Although many fakes like, but as long as you live in the real thing is to recognize what kind of like, this thing is not just to fight botulinum, it is recommended you still clear.


It is understood that, "botulinum toxin" is actually "botulinum toxin" commonly known, also known as "Botox" and "Myobloc", botulinum toxic protein secreted in the process of reproduction, it has strong neurotoxicity.

For their safety, many doctors said that Botox in cosmetic use of a very small amount, will not impact on the human body, relative to other wrinkle product, its role and security is irreplaceable, is the removal of power the best way to wrinkles.


Botox stands for Botox, Botox is secreted in the process of reproduction of one type A toxin. Because of its excitatory neurotransmitter interference effect. However, Botox is not a panacea drugs, after all, is a toxin that can have side effects. Botox treatment of facial wrinkles, received better results. Inject the Botox is like gamble, and i prefer to use my money to buy the juice card marking system, it can help me to get benitfit soon. The Botox will gone soon.


Described above means that you want to rational use of botulinum toxin, do not overdo!

Note ps: drug users will not use the loss of life, pregnant women can not use!