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Iphone Poker Analyzer System Help to Read Normal Playing Cards

New poker analyzer software is developed by our company, Golden Sunshine. This poker analyzer Iphone has magic power to help you to read normal playing cards? Yes, original one, without processing.
It is a new poker game device of reading regular poker cards. In another word, you just need a Iphone poker scanning analyzer device, no need marked playing poker cards, luminous contact marked playing cards contact lenses, ultra sunglasses, scanning camera any more. Iphone poker analyzer system like an all-in-one system, they can read the original poker, predict poker winner by itself. It is mainly due to our special design, we inserted a powerful software, it can use front-facing scanning reader to scan the poker image in Iphone, when the dealer dealing the poker cards, they can read each cards clearly, after scanning the image signal, the Iphone poker analyzer software system will analyze the information then send out the game outcome via mini earphone which put in your ear in advance, finally, you can received the accurate poker game result clearly and secretly.
There are other marked playing cards analyzer program provided by our company, like AKK newest marked cards poker analyzer, Texas scanning system, Omaha scanning System and so on, if you are interested in any one of them, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.