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What is the advantage and disadvantage of the iPhone poker analyzer scanner system

iPhone poker analyzer scanner  is famous for the brands and won't suspect by other poker players, it still has huge market share in the poker analyzer device. Some poker analyzer system supplier won't tell you that there is actually the battery cannot last too much time, as the the scanner and analyzer share the same battery, due to the iPhone design, there is no room to hold big battery to support long time battery supply.
So if you use the inner poker scanner inside the iPhone, you have to prepare two set of the iPhone poker analyzer at least, incase you can play the texas holdem or omha poker game in a whole night.
Some poker players would think about the marked cards, acctually no need worry about the poker cards, cause if you buy 10 decks of cards, it can use at least for one night, if other poker players didn't crip the cards due to the lossing of the game, those kinds of good quality barcode marked playing cards can use at least for one week.
So the only point of the poker analyzer system is choose a good quality and long battery supplier analyzer or poker scanner. and you can also hide those poker device inside somewhere without let others know.