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Invisible Ink Pen With Glasses

Have you ever tried the marked cards sunglasses when you playing poker game with your poker partners? The fast is, there are so many poker players will take advantage of this invisible ink sunglasses to play poker game.
When they are playing marked cards game, the marked card contact lenses or perspective sunglasses must will be used. The reason is that our luminous ink sunglasses can be used for reading the invisible ink marked cards clearly and accurately. In this way, someone who wear the uv invisible ink contact lenses can know the poker hand odds in advance.
Luminous ink contact lenses has been extensively used in different poker places in the world. When you wear a pair of ultra luminous sunglasses, you must will be awesome that you can see the whole marks on the back of marked cards clearly. Of course, our luminous reader infrared sunglasses can work together with various kinds of back marked playing cards, such as KEM marked cards, Gold Fish playing cards, Bicycle marked decks and so on.