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Invisible Ink Marked Cards Emergency Lamp Scanning Camera

As one of the long distance scanning camera provided by our company, emergency lamp poker cards scanner is a real one and can help poker players to read the invisible ink markings on four sides of marked playing cards.
We can install an imported HD scanning camera lens into the real manufactured emergency lamp, which can act as long distance poker cards reader to scan the marks in clear and speed. In generally, emergency lamps are installed on the wall, so it is very suitable to develop it as a scanner which can read the markings on the back of the infrared marked decks at any angle. During the poker cards games, this magic emergency lamp playing cards scanner will scan the luminous infrared marking cards automatically and send the poker cards information with image to a special mini TV screen or by video mode which show the points and suits of marked playing cards accurately. What is more, the scanning range of this emergency lamp poker spy cards reader can be remote control and adjust nay angle or proper range as you like.
If you have any special requirement of its scanning scope, please feel free to tell us then we can customize it for you in perfect.