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Luminous lenses read invisible ink

Do you know the luminous sunglasses that can see through cards? Have you considered the sunglasses can be processed as a online poker card reader to see the invisible ink marks of marking cards blackjack?
We will offer you ultra luminous sunglasses for madison dealers luxury playing cards. You also can mail your own sunglasses for us to process or send us the picture of customized ir sunglasses and then we will offer you the best luminous sunglasses for marked cards juice recipe. This is a type of luminous reader infrared sunglasses for professional poker playing cards instead of poker cheating contact lenses for luminous shade deck.
What is more, you ca wear our magic ir sunglasses long time outside because the appearance of it is same as normal sunglasses. This ultra luminous poker card reader program suit for using in casino with luminous ink marked cards, both paper and plastic playing cards.
Center thickness : 1.5 mm
Glass wideness : 50mm
Customized size: Available
Our excellent marked playing cards with glasses helps you to have good poker experience at Omaha poker game, Texas Hold’em poker game, Blackjack game, Baccarat game, Low ball and many local and special poker games. Besides, the invisible ink marks on back of marked cards poker can not seen by our naked eyes except we wear the luminous sunglasses or luminous reader infrared contact lenses.