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Invisible ink barcode marked decks

Barcode marked cards are for poker camera lens cheating system. And you can use different brands of barcode marked cards to help you win money. Do you know more about barcode marked cards?
Invisible ink barcode marked decks are for playing cards scanning system, it can help poker analyzer to scan the invisible ink barcode marked on the edges of different brand of marked poker cards. Such as barcode Copag luminous marked cards, Fournier invisible ink marked decks, Modiano juiced poker cards, KEM juice marked playing cards as well as others. What is more, because this magic barcode playing cards are made with the special new technology which different from the back marked deck, so even you using infrared contact lenses or luminous ink sunglasses, you cannot find any secret or these magic playing cards.
There are two kinds of barcode deck cards for sale, one to one barcode marked playing cards as well as traditional barcode deck cards. the former only can be scanned by the appointed poker card scanner, while the later can be work with various kinds of poker scanner cameras. Do you want to know more about it. Contact us!