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White poker, poker and the general appearance, as is the back of playing cards with a special potion to make up white light, white light that is laser medicine injection into, does not recognize with the naked eye, but the glasses with white tape, can aid fluorescent light of different wavelengths, the principle is similar bill validator can be seen painted on the back of poker invisible invisible word.

Use white poker is very subtle, infrared marked cards also the same. Because they can see their own players mark the poker, the others could not see, but players usually see or see no difference and cards, so there is no point It may be suspect. White poker cards look identical to the original, do not change color, the use of longer, up to six months or more. Market various type cards are available from stock, but also to the licensing process.

  • User: zorlu menderes
    Time: 2018-12-17 04:10:58
  • Content: I have a casino at cyprus and I am looking for a device that anybody use a barcode cheating playing cards in my casino. I suspect one of my dealer. Can I know that is he cheating me? And if you have a barcode finder device, how much is it?
  • Admin_reply: thanks for yourinquiry of barcode finder device, we have sent you an email for the reply. have a good day!

  • User: car
    Time: 2018-11-22 17:48:41
  • Content: how much is the texas holdem computer system?
  • Admin_reply: thanks for your inquiry of texas holdem computer sytsem, we have sent your an email, please check and reply.

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