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Infrared camera let the economic situation getting better

I came to the Royal Park city for six years, and has been living with relatives, as an older single woman, sometimes bullied themselves depend on others, but now, i have become to be a burden.


He has been single since my great mental stress. A while back because my father was ill, I returned home to take care of a few days, inadvertently chatted with her mother to buy a house which she reminds of me years ago.


In fact, I first came to Beijing next year, I mentioned that my father wanted me to buy a house in Beijing, and I was distressed because parents fear overburdened directly refused. In recent years the family economic situation is getting better, I will go to visit the initiation of the idea. Our small city now four-year revenue 200,000 parents.


After I returned to Royal Park showings start, did not dare to look at your house within three Fourth Ring, Fengtai see 2.3 million small two bedrooms, two bedrooms hope to see parents come also a place to live. I think to myself down a 80-90 million, or about 10,000 per month after repayment My parents and I each a part.


My salary is not high in Beijing, especially a few years ago, money is just enough, there is no surplus, and now a little better, but can not afford to eat or drink January 10 thousand for the mortgage.


Some one advise that i should use one month salary to the poker club, maybe i have the lucky chance to win all the money back to pay for a house. According to my opioion, the poker club normally has the infrared poker camera, which someone will monitor everyones hand in another room, cause they also use some invisible ink marked cards, if i go to there, i will lose all my money. So i didn't go.


For now, i need a better suggestion to solve my problem.