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Infrared Camera Lenses for Barcode Marked Playing Cards

Barcode marked palying cards usually work together with scanning camera, the forms of infrared camera lenses can be various, while their work ways are very similar, do you know how to use them?
There are many style scanner readers for sale, car key infra red lenses, watch spy camera, lighter spying reader, cigarette scanning reader, cell phone scanning system, wallet camera and so on, these one can classfy as short distance poker spy card reader. They are easy to carry and move as you like in the gamble table, when dealer dealing the barcode marked cards within their scanning scope, they will scanning theinvisible barcode on every cards by itself secretely and accurately. The long distance spying cameras like hang clock, smog sensor spy camera system, they usually be fixed in a place and can not or difficult control to move, whole their long scanning distance can read the barcode signal fastely and cleary. Both two kinds of spying camera will send the barcode signal of the marked poker cards to the scanning poker analyzer to caculate the game result after reading barcode magic marked cards. Finally, you can gain the game result via mini earpiece. They can use in varous kinds marked deck of cards games, such as Texas Holdem, Omaha. All of them are very easy to manipulate.
We also can provide other magic marked palying cards kits, if you are interested in them, we will always be here for service.